Books’ reviews

Painted Fire. Reviews

MARIA LUISA SPAZIANI, born in Turin in 1924, is a recipient of the prestigious De Sica Prize, awarded to Italy’s outstanding poets and poetesses. A life-long friend of poet Eugenio Montale, she is President of the International Eugenio Montale Soceity. … >>

Harlequin on the Moon. Reviews

“Lynne Lawner’s extraordinary volume Harlequin on the Moon rescues commedia from the picturesque purgatory of romantic fantasy and restores its characters to the lascivious, sensual, grotesque, cruel, absurd and dangerously political terrain where they have always thrived. Lawner has achieved … >>

Lives of the Courtesans. Reviews

Review in Library Journal of Lives of the Courtesans: Portraits of the Renaissance (Rizzoli International, 1986): “During the Renaissance courtesans became the personification of ancient love goddesses in art and literature, and, according to Lawner, it is difficult to separate … >>

“I Modi”: The Sixteen Pleasures. Reviews

“The real importance of I Modi probably lies in the brief tantalizing glimpse it gives of a Renaissance Italy far different from the one we learned about in school – a world where a few privileged people cultivated sex as … >>

Letters from Prison by Antonio Gramsci. Reviews

“Gramsci’s martyrdom is relevant to his subsequent fame, for it was the Letters from Prison, first published in an incomplete edition in 1947 and now finally selected and translated into English by Lynne Lawner with a lucid and useful introduction … >>