From Sans Souci to Schoenbrunn: the Great Castles and Palaces of Central Europe

Lynne Lawner has traveled extensively and taken many photographs in Central Europe.  Some years ago she offered an all-day seminar for the Smithsonian Associates in Washington, D.C., about castles, palaces, villas, and gardens in the Czech Republic, former East Germany, Austria, and Hungary.

Drawing on her own photographs of celebrated and lesser known sites, buildings, and interiors. Dr. Lawner can present these slides, in a variety of formats for other museums, institutions, and clubs, emphasizing travel or art, or both of these in equal measure, depending on the particular audience.

Clubs and institutions might be interested in holding dinners with an ethnic slant either before or after the lectures, which could be done as a series or individually. A more detailed outline of this proposal is available upon request, tailored to specific desires.

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